An Automotive Quiz
by Joe Troise

Here's a test of your knowledge of automotive history, folklore and statistics. Don't expect to get them all. Good guesses are allowed.
Cut and paste the test questions and answers into your own files, to save online time. You can also print out this entire topic. Bookmark this page, and come back for the answers.
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1. Approximately how many cars can General Motors make on a good day?
2. How long does it take to build one Rolls-Royce automobile?
3. Which US city leads the nation in the number of car thefts?
4. In the last 100 years, how many different makes of automobile have been manufactured in the U.S. in numbers of one or more?
5. How many parts are there in a modern automobile?
6. What is the real name of the chubby Michelin Man?
7. How many cars are there in the world today?
8. How did the diesel engine get its name?
9. The first woman to receive her driver’s license in the U.S. did so in what year?
10. How many cars and trucks are junked each year in the U.S.?
11. Henry Ford paid the highest daily wage in the auto industry in 1914. How much was that?
12. How much profit did Rosette Cousins eventually make on her 1903 investment of $100 in the new Ford Motor Company?
13. Before he built cars, how did David Dunbar Buick make his money?
14. Why do the British drive on he left side of the road and the French on the right?
15. How long did it take to put together a Model T Ford on the 1914 assembly line?
16. What was unusual about he French automobile that set a new world’s speed record of 65 mph in 1899?
17. A bailing press can crush a car in two minutes. What size is the car after the press has finished its work?
18.What percentage of new cars are purchased by women?
19. Which company sold the first production diesel car?
20. How many 1999 cars would it take to pollute as much as one 1927 car?
21. How many miles does the average new York taxi rack up before it is retired?
22. Of these three safety devices--air bags, seat belts and ABS brakes--which has had little effect in saving lives?
23. In what year was the first speeding ticket issued in the US?
24. What kind of car did the disheveled detective drive on the TV series Columbo?
25. What was the price of a barrel of crude oil in 1901?
26. When and where was the world’s first racetrack built?
27. Which car was noted by automotive journalists to be the most innovative production automobile manufactured since 1945?
28. When and where was the worst racing crash?
29. How man vehicles did the Ford Motor Company make from 1903 to 1959?
30. What was the first production road car to exceed 200 miles per hour?
31. In how many states do female driver outnumber male drivers?
32. When was the first airbag offered by a major manufacturer?
33. What was the first production rotary engine car?
34. Who is the only American mentioned in Adolph Hitler’s political manifesto Mein Kampf?
35. Who invented the T-Top?
36.. From 1947 to 1964, how many times did Offenhauser engines win the Indy 500?
37. When Oldsmobile introduced the 4-4-2 option on certain models of its 1964 cars, what did the numbers stand for?
38.. When was the first car driven under its own power from England to France?
39. . Ray Harroun was paid $14,250 for winning the first Indy 500 race in 1911. How much did the 1992 winning driver earn?
40. In what year did the Italian government ban the famous Mille Miglia race?


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